Commercial LED Lighting


Lighting is an essential feature in all commercial premises and can impact your entire business operation in a far bigger way than you might initially imagine. Therefore, choosing Starled to power your offices, shop floors, and other workspaces is a very bright idea.

With our extensive range of high-quality commercial LED lighting products, you’ll never need to worry about this part of the business again.

Why Switch To LED Lighting?

It has been difficult to ignore the general shift from outdated incandescent lighting in recent years. Now is the time for your business to follow in those footsteps, and not simply because it’s the done thing to do.

Switching to LED lighting brings a wealth of benefits to your business. Firstly, they are 80% more efficient than other bulb types, meaning that you’ll save money while also reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, they don’t emit heat in the same way that incandescent bulbs do, which can remove the need for fans during the summer months. LED bulbs are also recyclable, which will make the operation greener.

LED bulbs boast the lowest energy consumption while they produce a better quality of light. The lights will also last 20 times longer than the outdated traditional lighting solutions. How does this support your business venture? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Save time and money with brighter, longer-lasting light bulbs that will make your old systems feel inadequate.
  • Improve safety around the premises thanks to greater visibility. They are made of plastic rather than potentially dangerous glass too.
  • Gain a better response from clients and employees alike due to the clear step towards greener and more responsible technologies.
  • Provide yourself with the confidence and peace of mind gained from knowing that this part of the business operation is under control for years.

While the lighting situation may not feel overly important, switching to LED lighting signals a step into a brighter future for the business.

Considerations When Buying LED Bulbs

There are many types of commercial LED lights on the market. So, before analyzing the pros and cons of the available options, it’s imperative that you learn to think about a number of factors. As with all major business decisions, a little research goes a long way.

Equivalent Wattage:

When looking at commercial LED lighting, you’ll find that lumens are the most commonly used unit of power. However, you’ll probably find it easier to think about the practical needs in terms of wattages. An LED light that boasts a quarter of the wattage used by incandescent lights will usually light the room to a similar level as before Use this information as a rough guide, and you won’t go wrong.


The current unit of power is measured by the light the bulb gives out rather than what it burns. As a rough guide, a 60W incandescent bulb uses around 750-850 lumens. Again this information should help you make calculated decisions on which LED power is right for your business.

Color Temperature:

LEDs once used to emit a bluish light, which would alter the aesthetic of a room. Nowadays, virtually all LEDs give off a white light, but there are still variances to consider. Bulbs with values of  2700K-3000K will show a warmer white, like the incandescent bulbs, while the higher temperatures produce a harsher stark white light. In business, different workspaces may want varying solutions.

What Type Of LED Lighting Can Be Used In Your Commercial Spaces?

It’s unlikely that one type of LED lighting will work in all workspaces. After all, your premises probably include a combination of internal and external areas while you may boast offices, manufacturing warehouses, storage facilities, stores, and various other solutions. Therefore, it makes sense to judge each spot on its individual merits.

Starled offers a wide range of products, meaning the solutions to all of your problems can be catered for under one roof. Here are just some of the items in our commercial catalog.

Bulb: Standard LED light bulbs that are suited to a host of locations. Available in a range of power outputs while some provide dimming facilities too.

Ceiling Down: The downlights are built into the ceiling and produce a narrow beam of light. This can be particularly good for highlighting points of interest in stores and other commercial spaces.

Corn/Post: Named due to their resemblance to a corn on the cob, corn lights contain between 80 and 108 individual LEDs and are ideal for wall lights and posts.

Flood/Area Light: Area lights using LED bulbs are used to bring light to large spaces, such as parking spaces or outside construction areas. They are available in various sizes.

High Bay: High bay lights are used to light up large areas from a height of 8m or above. They incorporate reflectors and specialized optics to provide even lighting.

Panel/Office: Designed to prevent light leakage for increased efficiency, ceiling panel lights use LED chips, a light guide plate, and a diffuser. They are a huge upgrade on the past ceiling fixtures.

Street Light: LED street lights can replace your outdated incandescent models to brighten up those external areas, creating a safer environment and a more welcoming one for guests.

Strip Lighting: Equipped with adhesive backing, the strip of light-emitting diodes offers great versatility. The flexible circuit board can be used to light up walls and provide decoration.

Track: Track lighting sees fixtures connected by a track. The bulbs are usually the same as standard LED lighting fixtures, only the ability to change the direction gives you greater control on results.

Tube: This type of lighting can be used to bring attention to points of focus, such as on a reception desk. They are a simple tube that brings a solid light over a wide area.

With all of those commercial lighting facilities up your sleeve, making your workspaces more practical, eye-catching and efficient has never seemed easier.

Still, Need Help?

If you still require some support during the process of transforming your commercial spaces, give our friendly experts a call today.