Marine LED Lighting


Boating is a versatile activity that could form a crucial foundation for your business endeavors or simply satisfy your needs for an enjoyable and healthy hobby. Either way, though, keeping your boat in the best condition is vital for a whole host of reasons. Here at Starled, we appreciate the need to get it right for you. In today’s climate, only LED lighting will do.

Whether you’re preparing for your first trip on the water or just want to upgrade your vessel, our range of marine LED lights are the ideal solution. Here’s everything you need to know about using them to unlock the full potential of your future activities.

Which Types Of Boat Can Utilize Marine LED Lighting?

Marine lighting plays a pivotal role in boats of all sizes. Whether you have a cargo ship, a sailing boat, fishing boat, tugboat, or yacht doesn’t matter. LED lighting solutions are available for all, and now is the time to make an upgrade.

Why Choose LED Lighting For Your Marine Needs?

All boating enthusiasts, recreational and commercial, share a number of priorities. First and foremost, you need to respect the water and realize that it can be a very dangerous setting. Upgrading to the various LED marine lighting facilities can work wonders for the safety of all users.

Most importantly, LED lights shine brighter to give increased visibility for you as well as nearby boats or ships. This naturally makes everything feel a little safer, especially in lower lighting conditions. Meanwhile, the fact that the bulbs can last up to 20x longer means that it’s less likely for issues to surface while you’re in the middle of an outing.

LEDs are the better option from an esthetic perspective too, not least because you’ll have so much more control to achieve the desired outcomes. Old and outdated setups simply cannot match up in this sense. This lets you celebrate personal tastes too.

As a practical and responsible user, it’s also good to know that LED lights produce greater light while consuming less energy. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, which is further enhanced by the recyclable materials, but it’ll save money in the process.

Essentially, switching from incandescent and other outdated lighting to LED will improve the look, function, and efficiency of your marine items from both the internal and external areas.

What LED Lighting Products Are On The Market?

While incorporating LED lighting is always a bright idea, it’s imperative that you do so in the right manner. If you truly want to unlock the full potential of the boat to guarantee greater safety and esthetic charm, choosing the right type of marine lighting is crucial.

Starled offers an extensive range of items, giving you maximum control on the design and practicality issues at all times. However, those products fall into four main categories. With a little information about them all, you’ll be set to upgrade this part of your property without causing a splash.

Bayonet Lights

Bayonet bulbs will be used in many of the boat’s lighting fixtures because they offer great reliability while they’re also far less likely to come loose due to the type of fitting. Upgrading to LED bayonet bulbs gives you all the benefits of greater visibility and increased versatility without compromising on the fundamental features that have made this fixture type so popular for generations.

With many options on the market, finding the right light color and wattage should be easy. Whether it’s ensuring the deck or the internal areas are well lit doesn’t matter. Once you’ve made the switch to LED, your outdated incandescent items will suddenly seem inadequate.

G4 Base

G4 base units connect several LEDs together in one product. Smaller options might include six while larger ones may use 15. Either way, they are ideal ceiling lights and are designed to sit sideways into the light fitting. It is possible to use them on the walls of those covered areas too, but the ceilings are where you’re most likely to see the benefits.

Unfortunately, staying loyal to your outdated options is likely to leave parts of the area being left in darkness while others are nice and bright. With the LED G4 base options, you’ll gain a far more consistent solution.

GU3.5 Base

Spotlights using this fitting can come in LED and halogen, but the former is the right option for your boat. This will provide a more consistent, brighter, and longer-lasting spotlight facility. Whether it’s a single bulb or part of a bigger circuit, this is the ultimate way to upgrade various parts of the boat in one simple move.

The possibilities will be largely dependent on the type of vessel being used, but those spotlights are suited to external areas as well as internal. Anyone looking to upgrade their spotlight systems is advised to consider this option.

Underwater Lights

There are many reasons why your boat needs underwater lights, including navigation and fishing. Reliability is the key feature, which is why LEDs are the ultimate answer. Not only do they shine brighter for longer, but there are more options regarding beamwidth and color. This includes multicolor solutions.

The mounting options are arguably greater too, making this the ideal solution for boats of all types and sizes. This upgrade will take your boating activities to the next level, and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without.

Still Need Help?

Knowing about the different types of lights and fixtures is one thing, but finding the best bulbs for your boating needs is another. Whether you have a rough idea of what you need or require support throughout the entire process, Starled is here to satisfy all your marine lighting needs.

Our experts can discuss everything from boat size and intended activities to current setups. With our support, your boat will be better than ever in no time. We can even advise you on the best mounts and provide suggestions on how to get the most out of those lighting structure.