• star led commercial lighting clients Swimland

    Located at 812 East Las Olas Boulevard is Swimland.

    Being a long time staple of women’s Bathing Suits in the South Florida area…

    Swimland was looking for a lighting solution to brighten up their merchandise and to create more excitement for their shoppers.

    Las Olas Boulevard is a vacationer’s hotspot and Swimland knew that they had to stand out to be noticed.

    So they opted for the Star LED R80 LED Flood Light in 8 watts throughout the store.

    This 5 inch High Hat comes in both Cool White at 6000 kelvin and Warm White at 3000 kelvin as seen here.

    With a 180 degree angle of light, nothing can escape being lit by these lights.

    Being an LED, this light bulb does not produce heat or UV light waves which is harmful to the merchandise.

    Backed by a 5 year warranty you know that Star LED stands behind their products.

    Visit Swimland in Fort Lauderdale Florida,

    And get suited up for that day at the beach.

    Remember its Star LED and Swimland who light up Las Olas Boulevard.

  • star led client lesters diner Lester’s Diner

    Located on Marina mile at 250 West State Road 84 in Fort Lauderdale Florida is Lester’s Diner.

    Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is home of the 14 ounce cup of coffee Lester’s Diner has been a staple in fort Lauderdale for over 50 years.

    A place that never shuts off the lights, they were in need of a practical lighting solution that would not fail.

    StarLED solved their problem with the 3 watt, 255 lumen, warm white light bulb.

    With its plastic housing you will never have broken glass in a customer meal.

    Being an LED, it can last 20,000 hours which equals 2 and a half years of 24 hour lighting.

    StarLED had designed the light bulb as a retrofit and is an exact replacement for traditional standard fit E26 screw socket light fixtures.

    Producing a warm white glow equivalent to a 30 watt incandescent light bulb, the StarLED light is not imposing and does not create a harsh blue color like most compact fluorescent lights or poorly designed LED lights with colored covers.

    Check out StarLED.green for more details and StarLEDonline.com for ordering yours today.

  • exotic cars fort lauderdale exterior view Exotic Motors Corporation

    Located at 2200 South Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale Florida is the Exotic Motors Corporation.

    Specializing in selling the highest quality vehicles in the market.

    They also provide a one stop for specialty customizations.

    The Exotic Motors Corporation needed a better lighting solution in their showroom to highlight the details of their sport cars and modified bikes.

    They replaced their old heat generating halogen light bulbs with the Star LED Custom 18 Watt PAR 38 light bulb, which produces 1450 lumens of brightness at 4000 kelvin range.

    These lights produce a near perfect daylight white allowing for the full color spectrum to reflect off the vehicles and putting them in the best light possible.

    You can find the PAR 38 light bulb at Starledonline.com

  • gray taxidermy warehouse lighting Gray Taxidermy

    You want to capture the memories in 3D, by having that personal award winning fish immortalized by Gray Taxidermy. Located at 712 NW 12th Avenue in Pompano Beach Florida, Gray Taxidermy is the Largest Marine Taxidermist in the World. They will preserve your experience out on the sea by mounting your prized catch in a natural pose ready for display in any room of your house or office.

    Gray Taxidermy needed a lighting solution that would give an accurate color rendition for their talented artist.

    The warehouse is well ventilated to the outside but is not air-conditioned, so the lighting solution must not create extra heat.

    Finally, the lighting solution could not emit UV rays which can cause dis-colorization and fading to the trophy fish.

    StarLED solved their problem with the 100 watt LED High Bay light bulb.

    This light bulb puts out 8000 lumens and is equivalent to a 400 watt metal halide halogen light bulb, but without emitting heat.

    At 6500 hundred kelvin, the StarLED High Bay light bulb produces the most accurate natural light and color rendition for an LED high bay light bulb on the market today.

    The StarLED High Bay LED light bulb has a long lasting 50,000 hour lifespan and is backed by a 5 year warranty. StarLED LED light bulbs do not emit UV radiation, so you will be confident that your prize fish has not been dis-colored or faded during the production process. Workers at Gray Taxidermy enjoy the cool LED lights.

    What wonderful memories you will have after you receive your trophy.

  • chatswood chase shopping center australia Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre

    This Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre Sydney project was managed by Simon and Igor Galpern and totaled more than $8 million dollars. The work included a new section of car park LED lighting, mall areas and LED lighting, specialty shops and amenities.

    Chief Project Manager Simon and Igor Galpern managed the installation of electrical mains and sub mains for the mechanical plant and house services. The shopping center is now lit with low wattage energy saving LED lights.

  • kannoa furniture outside Kannoa Furniture

    Advances in weather resistant materials have given designers the versatility to create elegant and stylish furniture for outdoor entertainment and living.

    Star LED features Kannoa with its warehouse facilities in South Florida and is the leader in modern patio furniture and the children’s collection, P’kolino.

    Kannoa had problems with poor lighting in the warehouse and office spaces.

    Star LED provided the 100 watt LED high bay bulb which is a 400 watt metal-halide equivalent at 8000 lumens and 6500 Kelvin as a solution.

    Electricians find this bulb to be an easy retrofit with a simple ballast bypass of the power.

    Then you can install the StarLED E39 large mogul light bulb to instantly see the difference. Energy savings also comes in the form of lowered power consumption and little to no heat from the LED bulbs.

    In the workrooms, good visibility and true color representation is imperative to sewing and quality workmanship. Poor lighting conditions and the wrong temperature light bulbs can cause selected fabrics to look different during the matching process and production which allows for mistakes on custom orders. We wanted to make sure that all of the lighting was even and consistent.

    Natural cool lighting also made the office inviting for visiting clients and the staff.

    Kannoa took advantage of the natural outside lighting with the StarLED High Bay as a fill light in the loading dock area.

    Adjusting or changing out the StarLED High Bay bulb is an easy process since the LED light bulb does not put out heat.

    Try doing that with your old 400 watt 500+ degree metal-halide light bulb while on.

    You can find the Kannoa collection in over 47 specialty furniture stores across the United States, Canada, Central America and in the Caribbean. You can find the StarLED High Bay light bulb online at StarLEDonline.com or StarLED.green

  • fort lauderdale collection south showroow Fort Lauderdale Collection South

    Located at 1301 East Sunrise Boulevard in Sunny South Florida is The Fort Lauderdale Collection South Dealership.

    They are known for their exquisite selection in Luxury Cars of the World.

    All of the most exclusive sport and luxury brand vehicles are represented in their most fabulous 6000 square foot showroom.

    This is all made possible with the dreams by the owner of The Fort Lauderdale Collection and the dream makers at StarLED.

    The reception area is lit with 350 lumen MR16 lights.

    The offices are lit with 1150 lumen PAR 38 light bulbs.

    The showroom is lit with 1680 lumen square panels.

    And RGB strip lighting is used for the accents.

    All of the LED lights are in the natural 6000 kelvin cool white range to put the dream cars in the best light possible.

    StarLED lights do not put out harmful infrared or ultra violet radiation which can damage the leather interior over time.

    Customers appreciate the brightness of the Collections showroom and enjoy shopping indoors and out of the South Florida’s heat.

    Visit the Fort Lauderdale Collection and while there, look up and take notice of what’s lighting all those dream cars. Visit us at Starledonline.com