Fort Lauderdale Collection South

Located at 1301 East Sunrise Boulevard in Sunny South Florida is The Fort Lauderdale Collection South Dealership.

They are known for their exquisite selection in Luxury Cars of the World.

All of the most exclusive sport and luxury brand vehicles are represented in their most fabulous 6000 square foot showroom.

This is all made possible with the dreams by the owner of The Fort Lauderdale Collection and the dream makers at StarLED.

The reception area is lit with 350 lumen MR16 lights.

The offices are lit with 1150 lumen PAR 38 light bulbs.

The showroom is lit with 1680 lumen square panels.

And RGB strip lighting is used for the accents.

All of the LED lights are in the natural 6000 kelvin cool white range to put the dream cars in the best light possible.

StarLED lights do not put out harmful infrared or ultra violet radiation which can damage the leather interior over time.

Customers appreciate the brightness of the Collections showroom and enjoy shopping indoors and out of the South Florida’s heat.

Visit the Fort Lauderdale Collection and while there, look up and take notice of what’s lighting all those dream cars. Visit us at