Kannoa Furniture

Advances in weather resistant materials have given designers the versatility to create elegant and stylish furniture for outdoor entertainment and living.

Star LED features Kannoa with its warehouse facilities in South Florida and is the leader in modern patio furniture and the children’s collection, P’kolino.

Kannoa had problems with poor lighting in the warehouse and office spaces.

Star LED provided the 100 watt LED high bay bulb which is a 400 watt metal-halide equivalent at 8000 lumens and 6500 Kelvin as a solution.

Electricians find this bulb to be an easy retrofit with a simple ballast bypass of the power.

Then you can install the StarLED E39 large mogul light bulb to instantly see the difference. Energy savings also comes in the form of lowered power consumption and little to no heat from the LED bulbs.

In the workrooms, good visibility and true color representation is imperative to sewing and quality workmanship. Poor lighting conditions and the wrong temperature light bulbs can cause selected fabrics to look different during the matching process and production which allows for mistakes on custom orders. We wanted to make sure that all of the lighting was even and consistent.

Natural cool lighting also made the office inviting for visiting clients and the staff.

Kannoa took advantage of the natural outside lighting with the StarLED High Bay as a fill light in the loading dock area.

Adjusting or changing out the StarLED High Bay bulb is an easy process since the LED light bulb does not put out heat.

Try doing that with your old 400 watt 500+ degree metal-halide light bulb while on.

You can find the Kannoa collection in over 47 specialty furniture stores across the United States, Canada, Central America and in the Caribbean. You can find the StarLED High Bay light bulb online at StarLEDonline.com or StarLED.green