Located at 812 East Las Olas Boulevard is Swimland.

Being a long time staple of women’s Bathing Suits in the South Florida area…

Swimland was looking for a lighting solution to brighten up their merchandise and to create more excitement for their shoppers.

Las Olas Boulevard is a vacationer’s hotspot and Swimland knew that they had to stand out to be noticed.

So they opted for the Star LED R80 LED Flood Light in 8 watts throughout the store.

This 5 inch High Hat comes in both Cool White at 6000 kelvin and Warm White at 3000 kelvin as seen here.

With a 180 degree angle of light, nothing can escape being lit by these lights.

Being an LED, this light bulb does not produce heat or UV light waves which is harmful to the merchandise.

Backed by a 5 year warranty you know that Star LED stands behind their products.

Visit Swimland in Fort Lauderdale Florida,

And get suited up for that day at the beach.

Remember its Star LED and Swimland who light up Las Olas Boulevard.