Residential Lighting


Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, getting the lighting situation under control is always a bright idea. This one factor can have a telling impact on the property, and Starled offers a host of residential LED lighting solutions to help you unlock the home’s full potential.

Here’s all you need to know about why now is the time to switch on to LED lighting.

The Benefits Of Embracing LED Lighting

LED lighting has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past decade or so, and it’s not hard to see why. It brings a whole host of benefits to your home from a functional, financial, and esthetic perspective. That magical trio confirms that this is one of the best, albeit simplest, upgrades you’ll ever make around the home.

Those benefits that can be enjoyed include;

  • Greater energy efficiency resulting in cheaper energy bills.
  • Increased brightness for improved visibility, which can make rooms feel bigger too.
  • More control on color schemes and styles for optimal esthetic beauty.
  • Reduced heat emissions, meaning you won’t need to have the fans running quite so often.
  • Greener technology for reduced carbon footprints.
  • Better durability, making maintenance less of a problem.

Where Can LED Lighting Be Used Around The Home?

LED lighting options are very versatile and can be used in virtually all parts of the home. From spotlights in the kitchen to panel lighting for the external areas, the options are endless. Virtually and incandescent light can be upgraded to an LED solution with minimal effort, not least because the newer technology uses bulbs with all fixture types.

In truth, LEDs aren’t just used around the home and can be beneficial for the car and the commercial premises. As far as the home is concerned, no room should be left untouched.

What Are The Various Types Of LED Lights For The Home?

No two properties are the same, and it’s imperative that all interior design choices are made specifically with your home in mind. Likewise, you’ll need to consider the size, function, and esthetic appeal of individual rooms.

Let us help you with a little information about the various residential LED lights that could enhance your home.

LED Bulbs

Standard LED bulbs can be used for room fixtures, table lamps, and a host of other lighting products. They offer an improved look and performance compared to incandescent ones and come in both standard designs or with the filament showing.

LED bulbs are available in several fixture types, caps and bases. Meanwhile, a choice of different powers (wattages) allows you to control the amount of light. The bulbs can also be used with dimmer switches.

LED Candelabra

Candelabra LED light bulbs have a slightly different shape, which is why they are most commonly used in chandeliers. They are a far better solution than the old bulbs used in those facilities and are available in different wattages too.

It can be possible to use individual bulbs in certain fixtures, but they are primarily designed for use in chandeliers with several other bulbs working at the same time. As such, individual bulbs may not need to be overly bright.

LED Ceiling Down

Ceiling down LED lights are incorporated into the ceiling and provide a narrow beam of light. They are commonly used as ceiling spotlights, but can also highlight certain points of interest around the home.

This type of LED light can be square or circle, with several diameters available too. Meanwhile, you’ll want to select the wattage depending on the room and intended use. Depending on the current setup, it may be necessary to buy a light that comes with the driver unit.

LED High Hat

LED High hat lights are a little bigger and can be 3-8 inches in size. They are commonly used as a part of the recessed (hidden) lighting setups. They can form a part of a new installation or an upgraded one. Naturally, getting the size right is vital.

The high hat LED bulbs get wider at the end, as this is the visible area. This gives a wider beam of light, meaning you’ll only need a few of them to light an average sized room. They can be used with both IC-rated and non-IC housing.

LED Strip Light Kits

RGB LED strip light kits are a popular solution because the color schemes can be changed at the touch of a button. This allows you to create new moods in an instant, bringing great versatility to the home. Similarly, the LED strips are flexible and can be used in many situations.

From bedroom walls to garden patios, strip light kits are a winner, not least because you can revert to the white light when desired. With life spans of up to 50,000 hours, there’s no need for maintenance either, which is ideal for any homeowner.

LED Track Lights

With lights connected by a track, the bulbs are designed to replace traditional halogen MR16 bulbs. The ability to position the track and individual bulbs accordingly gives the user full control over how the room is lit up.

Various wattages are available while LED bulbs can be used with dimmer switches. The modern spotlights increase efficiency and esthetic with truly great results. Whether it’s the home office or the lounge, track lights are ideal.

How Much Power Do I Need?

LED lights are primarily analyzed on their output, which is why lumens are now arguably the most accurate unit of measurement. For the average homeowner, though, it’s easier to think about things in terms of watts.

As a rule of thumb, the wattage only needs to be around a quarter of what it is in your current systems to provide the same level of lighting. Factor this into your calculations, and you won’t go far wrong.

What Next?

Whether you know what types of lighting you require or need a little support through the decision-making process, StarLED is here to help. Our friendly experts can provide more information about the various options or even make suggestions based on your home design tastes and ideas.

It might be a simple upgrade, but it’s one of the best you’ll ever make.